ryan meyer art closet clothes yellow black white

Demarcated Work Period 3 is present and ongoing. I now only wear white, black, gray and yellow; I produce work in multiples of 13; I sleep in my vehicle two nights a week. Rules and rituals can provide clarity in a contemporary Western visual culture that is more interested in how art might be rather than how art should be. Instead of stopping short at the haze between life and art, it is possible to sharpen the focus of actions and interactions not only by giving them attention but also by creating separation - like a wide open aperture and shallow depth-of-field.

I started the Corporate Diner Residency when I moved to Birmingham. Each time I go to Waffle House I order 3 eggs scrambled and decaf coffee. I eat and then make a drawing on the napkin.

office drawing wall

My art does not make money. On November 12, 2018 I started a new job as a “Creative Specialist” for the University Relations department at the University of Alabama at Birmingham. I began my “Institutional Residency” in this day job environment.