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Demarcated Work Period 3 is present and ongoing. I now only wear white, black, gray and yellow; I produce work in multiples of 13; I sleep in my vehicle two nights a week (when the average temperature is below 76ºF). Rules and rituals can often provide a type of clarity that silences over-stimulation. Instead of stopping short at the haze between life and art, it is possible to sharpen the focus of actions and interactions not only by giving them attention but also by creating separation - like a wide open aperture and shallow depth-of-field.

The Corporate Diner Residency started when I moved to Birmingham. Each time I go to Waffle House I order 3 eggs scrambled and decaf coffee. I eat and then make a drawing on the napkin.

office drawing wall ryan meyer art

My art does not make money. On November 12, 2018 I started a new job as a “Creative Specialist” for the University Relations department at the University of Alabama at Birmingham. I began my “Institutional Residency” in this day job environment. When work hours were over I made 39 drawings on yellow letterhead paper that I saved from being thrown away. After displaying the drawings on my office wall, I scanned each one with the Scannable app on my phone.

For the Sake of Transparency - collaborative installation with Ann Trondson and Melissa Yes

ON3 B16 64M3

In January of 2019 I joined a bowling league. I highly encourage anyone in a creative block to spend time on a league. Most of the time on every bowling night is spent repeating clichés and giving high-fives. ON3 B16 64M3 is the ongoing stream of every frame I bowl. There is no score or separation between games.