“A quietist spirit imbues Ryan Meyer’s “Demarcated Space 2,” a photograph of a sanctuary-like space within a stone structure he created as a “container of meditation and deep learning.” Calling up associations with cairns, altars, towers, and other ancient spiritual foci, this and the rest of the images in the series by Meyer document his practice of building temporary retreats from the hectic, monetized culture we live in…”

—- Victoria Dalkey (edited for clarity)

“Meyer built two Demarcated Spaces with materials found on the island at Arctic 78° N. These contained spaces have interiors that can be accessed by crossing the entrance threshold. Participants were asked to not take electronic devices into the space with them so as to have fewer distractions from interior acts of imagination, meditation, deep listening, etc. These acts of rest are not efficient and produce no monetary value. The physical structure and the interior act forms a symbiotic relationship that serves as a small form of resistance against the manipulative and exploitative forces that seek to drain the mind, body, and soul. While inside a demarcated space the participant aims to be in a mental state at least partially removed from advertising, propaganda, surveillance, and monetarily productive work.”

—- Sofie Iversen